What Is Direct Primary Care

 Direct Primary Care is founded on two principles:  The 1st is "Ownership" and this applies to the physician-patient relationship.  Its a return to what medicine used to be - a physician accepts a relationship of responsibility with a patient,  who then belongs  to that physician, 24/7, 365 days a year.    The 2nd principle is financial.  The physician abandons the right to bill escalated fees to cover inflated costs, instead opting to keep expenses and overhead LOW. The patient commits to pay an affordable monthly fee that allows the physician to "keep the doors open" so that when care is needed, it is available!  The physician does not charge extra for care when rendered.  The patient understands that over time, the fee, paid monthly, is well worth it when care is needed.  

      As a family physician, I am able to provide the majority of care that patients need.  For a complete explanation, see my business website, www.gainesvilledpcmd.com.